In early 2018 FEAR OF ZERO was born in the form of an idea, a way to escape the day to day toil turned into a 24/7 passion to create and craft the best possible LUXURY streetwear products on the market. 

Initially we started with a limited product line. Our first ever collection centred around a patchwork emblem jumper (which is still our best seller to this day) that as a consumer i found very scarce in the streetwear market. Our market research showed that the most intricate badge/patchwork products, all were produced by high end designers and all came with whopping price tags. We are still striving to INNOVATE in this area and to this day the patchwork pieces remain a constant throughout all of our collections.

Throughout 2019 we underwent some serious changes in our distribution side of the brand, the change ensured that the brand would work with the FINEST fabrics across Europe and the world. Every single piece is designed from hand by our IN-HOUSE design team, adding that very personal touch. The in-house aspect of our brand is very important to us, as we don't outsource anything and take our customer service extremely seriously to ensure customers have a smooth, but most importantly HAPPY experience shopping with us. 

2020 was a year that challenged us all but the support we received has allowed us once again to keep growing. This upward momentum will be taken into the new decade, with the BEST YET TO COME. We will continue to increase our luxury aspect with every collection whilst keeping our price point very attainable for all customers!


Enough about us now....